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What Leads?

I was caught up in the festive rush on Princes Street, Edinburgh yesterday, with a ruck sack full of pressies on my back and a determination to get to my destination – the train station, quickly. I caught myself doing a ‘Lowry’ figure! (see artist’s work above) Where was I leading the movement from? Did my torso need to be SO in charge?

My thinking ‘I’m late’… had me leaning into the direction of travel with my upper body. Could I just let my legs propel me forward and stay in balance? I also realised I wasn’t actually late I just associated catching a train with rushing! Not only was I leading with my torso but I noticed I was pulling down. Did I need to? Yes I had on a rucksack on my back, was it really so heavy despite being bigger than my usual one? I was automatically putting excess effort into the task of carrying it. I could ease off a bit. Lastly, the thought ‘I’m in a crowd” had me going into protective mode – trying to take up less space? comprising myself… Did I need to? I could keep my length and width, there was room for us all. I could enjoy the buzz of the City at Christmas time and have a wider field of awareness.

Alexander work gives us a chance to look after ourselves with our thinking, so that we can move with more ease, staying in balance, bringing a new quality to living.

‘Stop doing the wrong thing and the right thing does itself’ FM Alexander