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Spilling Over…

Spilling Over

This image resonates with me at the moment. It reminds me of the zen monk who when pouring tea for his pupil did so until it overflowed. The pupil reacted and asked what he was doing. He said this overfull cup was like his mind; so active there was no space left…so the story goes.

By connecting with our bodies we become more present; the mind then has a chance to quieten. We function better when our physical selves are brought into the picture…not just being a chattering mind. FM Alexander recognised our psycho/physical unity, (as he called it) well before mind/body oneness was talked about. Our habits of thought can affect how we are physically (and vise versa) even on a subtle level and and can start to define us if we are not careful. So by tuning in, coming to quiet, the body wakes up and delights in the quality of attention that Alexander thinking brings and our mind can then be open, receptive and creative.

Can we be in our lives AND be more self conscious?

I wish for my neck to be free so that the head can go forward and up. To let the back lengthen and widen‘ FM directions