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Attentive in Activity

The New Year has started. I love the word new

Renew is another version, as is Refresh

Can you imagine if we could press a button and do just that – as we do with our devices…refreshupdate…so we function in optimum mode. For us mortal beings can we renew…refresh from moment to moment as we get older? What quality of thinking would that require and how would our body benefit?

FM Alexander noticed that it was his lack of awareness of how he was ‘using’ himself in everyday activity (in his case reciting on stage) that was the root cause of his ills. He painstakingly observed himself in movement to see what he might be doing to interfere/cause damage to his functioning. Lo and behold with quiet attentive awareness he noticed (careful study…over time) that there were unconscious habits of movement that had become automatic, unthinking and seemingly beyond his control.

It’s well worth learning how to think in activity, this is what learning the Alexander Technique is all about. The simple, practical method FM evolved to help himself…gave him less chance of malfunctioning..keeping him ‘updated’ so to speak. It can be helpful for us too. AT gives us a way of learning that helps us stay well in ourselves from moment to moment. Keeping us renewed…updated…everyday.

Preventative health care at its best.