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Learning the Alexander Technique can add a new dimension of awareness, wellbeing and creativity to most peoples lives… as it did mine

My story as a young art student at Glasgow School of Art in the 80’s I was working intensely on my final degree show and ended up flat on my back for a week, debilitated in pain. A friend suggested I went for an Alexander Lesson. I did this after an initial session with the Chiro practitioner. The Technique seemed to offer a more long term solution.

My Alexander lesson went well, I found it intriguing, the teacher seemed an example of what I needed, there was ease, a quietness, yet she was dynamic. The lesson was like an undoing and a building up in a natural easy way, reminding me of how I could be. I was hooked. My back was delighted, and my world widened out.

A good few years later…learning and continually discovering with this wonderful discipline.

My mission is to share its endless benefits…

The Alexander Technique can help

  • prevent and alleviate conditions associated with stress tensions and poor posture
  • reduces muscle, joint and back problems
  • aids rehabilitation after illness, injury and surgery
  • provides coping skills for chronic conditions

The Research
Randomised control trials 
have demonstrated how people with long-standing back pain or neck pain, as well as people with Parkinson’s can benefit greatly from lessons in the Alexander Technique. The findings of these studies are published in the leading medical journals, the BMJ (back pain), Annals of Internal Medicine (neck pain) and Clinical Rehabilitation and Medicine (Parkinson’s)