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A comfortable fit

My Granny’s, my mother’s…my knife

I often find this knife resting quite happily on the kitchen counter. If it had feelings it might have a nagging pain somewhere along it’s length. Luckily it doesn’t.

Unfortunately for us the story is different. When can feel pain when our structure is not as it should or could be – we then don’t function at our best, our movements don’t flow as well, nor are we truly at ease when simply sitting or standing . When out of alignment there can be a tendency to either hold ourselves up or collapse inwards, unsettled and lacking real vitality. Over time our actions; how we function can leave its imprint.Use affects functioning’ (FM Alexander) We can overcompensate, habit movements can become unthinking and effortful will affect our balance and coordination as we create tensions, never truly letting go – just like this old knife.

With AT we have choice. We can STOP, THINK, ACT.